• ✓ 3rd best research-intensive university in "NewEurope"
  • ✓ One of the leading MBA programs in the Mediterranean region
  • ✓ Internationally accredited Program (EPAS/EFMD)
Start date
12 or 24 months
or Part-time
Nicosia, Cyprus
Degree Awarded
Master's in Business
Administration (MBA)
Deadline for Applications
Admission applications are evaluated on a first-come first-served basis. Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications early to improve their prospects for admission while positions are available.

For the upcoming academic year 2021-2022, applications will be considered according to the following schedule:
  • First round: February 15 - April 2
  • Second round: April 3 - June 18
  • Final round: June 19 - August 15
Tuition Fees
10,250 €
Students loans available for UCY enrolments through
Erasmus+ Master Student Loan agreement.
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Commitment to excellence in scholarship, research and service

The University of Cyprus MBA Program is one of the leading graduate Programs in the field of business education in the Mediterranean region. It is characterized by innovativeness, practicality, and modern learning methods; it provides an array of core courses covering the spectrum of business and entrepreneurial functions. Elective courses provide students the opportunity to tailor a substantive part of their studies according to their specific interests. The curriculum strongly emphasizes collaborative teamwork, case study analysis, hands-on applications, and research-driven learning.

The Program helps students to network with corporate contacts, not only in domestic firms, but also in the wider international business community. The Program has a very successful record of placing graduates in competitive positions.

The MBA Program holds the EPAS Accreditation by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) since 2012.

Key Strengths

Who is eligible?


Scholarships (in the form of tuition reductions) are offered to qualified international applicants on the basis of merit criteria (e.g., academic performance, prior professional experience, record in a position of responsibility, career prospects).

* Before beginning the online application, read thoroughly the requirements

* International Applicants: All non-EU applicants must follow the process in the link in order to obtain a student visa

What will you get out of our program?

University of Cyprus | Centre of Excellence in the Mediterranean

The University of Cyprus (UCY) was established in 1989. It is the first and largest public university in Cyprus. It has 22 departments in 8 Schools, as well as a number of research-institutes. Currently, 7,000 students are registered at UCY, educated by 1,293 faculty members and instructors. UCY operates in a space of 133,000 m2 in a modern campus site in Athalassa, about 6 km east of Nicosia city centre.

Rankings and Excellence
The University of Cyprus has attained a reputation of excellence in research and education, as reflected in its steady ascent in global university rankings:

Living and Studying in Nicosia, Cyprus

Cyprus has always been a gateway between East and West and hence, at the crossroads of civilizations for centuries; its rich history extends three millennia. The Eastern and Western cultural influences are evident in the city’s architecture and lifestyles. As a historical and cultural city, Nicosia will offer you much to see, do, and experience. Contemporary Nicosia is a bustling business hub, and offers a vibrant and comfortable urban lifestyle. Popular beaches, as well as the Troodos mountain range, are a short drive away, for those wishing to explore a range of outdoor activities.